Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Where In The World Challenge: Poland

Hello my lovelies! It's only Wednesday and I just can't wait for the weekend. The first week of school is always hard and endless. But at least I have some nail art to show you today. Our travels around the world continue with Poland, a beautiful country that is not very far away from me. I put a lot of thought into this nail art because my friend Gosia from Life In Color, who is also one of the organizers of this challenge, is originally from Poland. I really hope she will like these nails and the Polish inspiration I chose! 

This mani is music themed because my inspiration is Frederic Chopin. This great composer was born in Poland and lived there for half of his life, before he moved to Paris. It's really amazing how much music he composed in his short life of only 39 years. His works have such complexity that I can't begin to imagine what he could have achieved, had he lived longer. 

I started with a base of Orly Au Champagne, which is a little obsession of mine. I can't believe I posted two nail arts in a row with this as a base. It's just so easy to apply and although it does require 3 coats, there is no chalkiness like in other whites and it dries very fast. 

I used all the music related stamps I had in my collection to do this. The image on the ring finger and index is from plate FUN 1. The one on the middle finger is from fauxnad m73 and the ones from the pinkie are from plate QA18. The polish I stamped with is China Glaze Liquid Leather. On thumb there's just a simple Polish flag that I painted using tape and Sleek Geisha's Seal. 

I hope that you liked this and thank you for reading. Don't forget to check out what my partners in crime have come up with for this challenge. 


  1. beautiful; stamping!!!

  2. Great mani & great inspiration!

  3. oooohhhh I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!! I used to play piano when I was younger so this really strikes close to home... almost brought tears to my eyes!!! what a beautiful, beautiful manicure, Mihaela!!!! I'm saving this one in my 'special manis' folder!!!

  4. Thank you so so much!! I was so touched by your comment. I was actually nervous about your opinion on this mani, since it's your country and I really wanted you to like it. I didn't know you played piano but I chose Chopin because I think he was a genius and wanted to honor him. I'm glad I nailed it hehe. And I'm so honored to be in your "special manis" folder. I haven't thought of doing one but I think I have to now that you mentioned it. Thank you!!


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