Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Blues: Color Club Gossip Column and Sweden

Hello lovelies! Yeah, it's that day of the week again. Better not mention its name and pretend it's still Sunday. Today I've got a double challenge post for you. Besides my regular blue post, I'm also showing you my Sweden nail art for the Where In The World Challenge. I have mixed feelings about the outcome of this one. I had a great idea and a gorgeous inspiration photo, but the result wasn't that great. I'll let you judge for yourself, but first let's take a look at this blue. 

Color Club Gossip Column indoors, artificial light
Gossip Column is actually a dark teal creme but it's the blue type of teal rather than the green one. I did several nail arts with this polish before and I even posted a swatch, but it was one of the first posts I did and the picture is terrible. So I thought swatching it again would be a great idea. Well, that was until I started to take pictures. I could not, for the life of me, take accurate pictures of this one. They were so bad that I had to alter the color to make them look close. I rarely do that but this time I had to. Even so, they are still not 100% accurate, but you get a good idea of how the polish looks in reality. 

Color Club Gossip Column indoors, artificial light
I love this polish because it's pigmented (which makes it great for nail art and stamping) and it applies very well. I did 2 thin coats for these pictures but I guess you could get it opaque in one thicker coat. It has an amazing formula and just glides on the nail. The bad thing is that because of the pigmentation it stains. You have to use base coat with this one or else you'll get smurf nails. 

Color Club Gossip Column indoors, artificial direct light
Now let's get to the nail art. The inspiration I chose for the Sweden challenge was the aurora borealis or northern lights, a phenomenon that is pretty common in Sweden. So I googled some pictures and chose this one as an inspiration. I tried my best to recreate it but I'm not that sure I succeeded. The base is my Gossip Column manicure and everything is either sponged or painted with a nail art brush. The green is China Glaze I'm With The Lifeguard

So what do you think? Was this a total fail of a semi-fail? 

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Have a great week!


  1. cu model imi plac si mai mult, jucause chiar! <3

  2. Akos, the northern lights idea was good. is it just me or does it have some sort of resemblance to bobbing for baubles?
    best wishes,Kastor from woik

  3. These are really pretty! Gossip Column is gorgeous!

  4. I think it is similar but lighter than BFB. In order from lightest to darkest we have Gossip Column->Ski Teal we Drop->Bobbing for Baubles.
    Why are you reading blogs at work, Kastor?

  5. Thank you so much! It's an amazing color. Would love it even more if it wouldn't stain.

  6. Thank you Mandy! So glad you like it!

  7. I think you did a great job of representing the aurora. You certainly chose the best green for the job! :)

  8. Yaay! I'm glad to hear that! Thank you!

  9. Man, I'm such a dumbass that I didn't know that aurora borealis takes place in Sweden as well!!! Look at that, you learn something every day, even through a nail polish blog!! :))). I love this blue, as usual!!

  10. Well I'm glad I thought you something hehe. I always try to include some kind of information in these posts, since I always learn something new by doing these challenges.


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