Saturday, November 17, 2012

Flormar M112

Hello lovelies! Excited for the weekend? I'm not very happy because I have a huge exam on Monday. I'm actually writing these posts in advance for you, so I can focus on studying. Today I'm showing you a lovely polish from Flormar. It's not something I would normally buy, but I'm glad I got it in the end because it's a lovely color and formula. 

Flormar Supermatte M112 indoors, artificial light
I first saw this lovely on a colleague's nails one day and I had to ask her what it was. Of course when I heard it was Flormar, I just had to get it. The color is kinda hard to describe. I would say sort of a dark raspberry, right between red and purple. I had to alter the photos a bit because they came out very very different from reality. Again I must apologize for that. I don't like doing it but I think it's better than showing pictures that are completely off. I still didn't manage to make it look identical to reality. It's a tiny bit more pink in real life. 

Flormar Supermatte M112 indoors, artificial light
As usual with Flormar cremes, the formula was flawless. This is actually the first one I try from the Supermatte line and it didn't disappoint. 2 easy coats just glided on the nail and dried to a shiny finish. Of course I had to add top coat out of habit, but I assure you that it was very glossy before that. 

Flormar Supermatte M112 indoors, artificial direct light
As always I'm very pleased by Flormar polishes. They are cheap, have an awesome formula and come in a large variety of colors. What else can you ask from a brand? 


  1. Frumoasa, eu am nuanta 109, destul de asemanatoare, cred totusi ca e mai deschisa. Si eu ma impac foarte bine cu formula acestor oje, se aplica minunat!

  2. Sunt intr-adevar foarte multe si chiar ai de unde alege!


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