Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Blues: MUA Shade 1

Hello lovelies! Monday again and this is an especially though one. When this post goes live I will be taking a hard and challenging exam. Please wish me luck! Meanwhile you can look at some blue nails and get rid of those Monday Blues. I chose this MUA (Make Up Academy) polish for today's post because they are currently having a sale. You can get 35% off and free international shipping for a minimum spend of 10₤. So head over to their website if you don't wanna miss this great offer (code MUA35). 

MUA Shade 1 indoors, artificial direct light
This is the first MUA polish I've tried, but I have reviewed some of their makeup before (here and here) if you are interested. I found this lost bottle of Shade 1 in a Superdrug when I was in London, and I suspect it was sitting there for quite some time considering how run-down it looks. I really wanted to get this one because I love dark colors like this and the MUA polishes only cost 1₤, so it was worth a shot. 

MUA Shade 1 indoors, artificial light
I was kind of disappointed by this one because the blue shimmer doesn't come out properly on the nail. The really dark (almost black) base makes it really hard for the pretty shimmer to come out. That's why most of my photos are in direct light. The only light box picture is the one above, and you can see that it doesn't look good at all. Unfortunately wearing this was almost like wearing black polish. There's nothing wrong with wearing black, but I really wanted the blue to look blue. 

MUA Shade 1 indoors, artificial direct light
The formula was not the best either. It needed 3 coats because it was still sheer after the second. The bottle is small (6.3 ml) and the brush is tiny, which makes for a difficult application. I also had some shrinkage, but I guess that's just Seche Vite's fault. 

MUA Shade 1 indoors, artificial direct light
If you are a fan of really really (and I do mean really) dark polishes then this one's for you. I still want to try some other ones from MUA, since the price is so low that I really don't mind a miss or two. Their makeup is very good, so I'm sure some of the polishes are good too. 

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Have a great week!


  1. Ojele inchise la culoare mi se par intodeuna elegante, imi place mult ca are si particule de sclipici in ea, foarte frumoasa!

  2. I know you wanted more shimmer, but I still think it's really pretty!!

  3. As fi vrut totusi sa se vada mai tare particulele. Numai lumina puternica o pune in valoare.


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