Sunday, November 4, 2012

Polyvore Collage Day: Most Comfortable

Hello lovelies and happy Sunday!  This week's collage theme is a very easy one. I wanted this theme to be chosen so I could show my "uniform" for school and regular daily activities. I'm not into fashion and I don't like to dress up, so my daily outfits are what I'm most comfortable with. I'm sorry if this collage looks boring to you. I'm not a very interesting person, I admit. 

Most comfortable

The most important element here are the skinny jeans. I live in jeans, whether it's summer of winter. I have a lot of them because I wear them constantly. Now that it's fall, I pair the jeans with sweaters and a black coat that sinches at the waist. I wear boots during the cold season and these military style boots are very similar to some I bought a couple of weeks ago. The bag is also very similar to the huge one I'm carrying at the moment. I posted a picture of it on Instagram here. I keep my makeup pretty simple with neutral colors and a good black mascara. I'm currently loving the MUA Undressed Palette and the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Show Off mascara. Finally, my nails are always different but blue is my favorite color. And China Glaze First Mate is my favorite polish of all time!

Hope you liked my collage! Take a look at the other ones for today! 

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