Thursday, November 1, 2012

October favorites and haul

Hello lovelies! November already! Time flies, doesn't it? October has been a great month for the blog. I posted 30 times, which is a record for me. Even if we ignore the Beauty Bloggazons roundup posts (which are not real posts), I still posted a lot this month and I'm sure November will not be as good because exams are coming up. You will notice I've also been pretty bad with the shopping. I know I should take a break, but since the next months are birthday and holiday months, I will probably take a break in January. Oh well, let's see the favorites collage. 

It was very very hard for me to pick 5 manicures because I did so many great ones this month. My absolute favorite must be the one I posted on Monday, featuring a beautiful glitter by Essie. You can check it out here. This month has seen a lot of fall themed manicures like the one in the top right corner and the one in the bottom left corner for Halloween. Orly Rage has been a pleasant surprise and last but not least, the Where In The World Challenge brought this awesome saran wrap USA manicure

Let's move on to the loot. As usual some of these have been already featured on the blog, while others have yet to be swatched or posted. 

China Glaze Kalahari Kiss, I'm Not Lion and Make a Spectacle
Essie Stroke of Brilliance and Orly Rage
Flormar Miracle Colors U08, Supermatte M112 and Supershine 42

Essence Movie Star, Maybelline Colorama 104, Nails Inc Spitalfields Fishnet Magnetic and Farmasi 52
NYX Enchanted Forest, Catrice Steel My Heart and George Blueney (courtesy of Joanna)
I also have to update my stash page and spreadsheet as I haven't done that in ages. Hope I have time for that soon! In the meantime I wish you a happy and warm month of November!


  1. You got some good ones this month...I am nuts for Orly Rage - I picked it up last holiday 2011 when it was in a re-release with 2 others as part of a NYE collection. I was surprised when folks started to talk about it this past yr - and now I see it's part of the classic Orly wall in Sallys - it's a great shade. I also finally bought Essies Stroke of Brilliance - did not think I wanted it when it was all over for so long - not a fan of chunky glitter - but seeing some blogs with it over teals and med blues made me want to get my own and give it a try.

  2. I don't think of Stroke of Brilliance as chunky by any means. Yes it has larger glitter pieces, but they are so delicate looking. I'm glad you got it and I'm sure you will enjoy it!


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