Saturday, November 24, 2012

Manicure Challenge: Half Moons

Hello my lovelies! Sorry I haven't been around this week. I've already told you about the studying and exams thing. Truth is, I'm not really in the mood for blogging these days. I hope that will change next week and I will hopefully catch up with all the nail pics that I have to show you. I'm also really behind on reading blogs, so I'm sorry if I haven't commented in a while. One more week and then stuff will be back to normal. Today's post is a very exciting one for me, so I couldn't miss it. It's the first time I'm participating in a challenge with my fellow Romanian bloggers. We had to do some half moon nails for today and here's what I came up with. 

Today's nails are entirely made with a-england polishes! Some of you know that I love this brand, I love the formula and the amazing colors. So I chose 2 a-england cremes to complete these challenge, and since they are purple, they also work for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

I started this manicure with 2 perfect coats of a-england Elaine. After it was dry, I used some of those round stickers that you can find in the office supply store to mask the half moons at the base. Then, I painted the rest of the nail with a-england Guinevere. I had a little trouble with the stickers not sticking properly to the nail in some spots, so they didn't come out perfectly, but I still like the end result. 

This is actually the second time I do a half moon manicure. Compared to the first one (which can be found here), the moons on this one are smaller and I think I like it better that way. I'm still having trouble with the stickers lifting up at the edges, but I guess it's part of the learning process. 

Thank you for reading! Here are the other ladies participating in today's challenge: 


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  1. I really love half moon manis and this one is so pretty!!! I hear ya about being so busy that you don't have time for your own life, let alone your blog or others!!! No worries girlie, we all understand and some of us are guilty of the same thing!!

  2. Thank you for your support, love! There's always something getting in the way. Hope the following weeks will be better!


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