Friday, December 9, 2011

Another stamping attempt

Hello everyone! First off, TGIF! I'm so glad this week is finally over because it was a hard one and I can't wait to spend some time doing what I love. Today my blog is 3 months old! Once again I thank you all for being here and for reading my rants everyday. I'm so glad to have met so many awesome people through this blog and I couldn't have done it without you! 

I got my stamping kit and plates from Born Pretty some time ago (review here), but I haven't used it much because of lack of time (you can find my first stamping manicure here). Of course that after such a long time I was back to the basics. This is a manicure I did using ELF polishes and plates M79 and M60 (for the ring finger). 

As a base, I've used ELF Lilac. This is a pretty sheer polish so you'll need 3 coats for opacity. It also doesn't dry fast at all and I have found myself bumping every nail on something. I then added a coat of Out The Door to make it dry faster. 

I then stamped with ELF Smoky Brown (previously reviewed here). I was surprised to see that this polish was pretty good for stamping. Of course it didn't come out perfect, especially on the ring fingers that have the most curved nail, making it harder to get the stamp even on the whole nail. My biggest problem however are the thumbs. The nail is so wide that the design is too small to cover the whole nail. I have trouble with stamping two times on one nail and making it look decent. That's why I'm not showing you my thumbs at all. 

I've included a picture of my left hand, which is my dominant hand. I usually don't take pictures of this one because it never comes out perfect, but I liked how it came out this time. After the stamping I figured something was still missing, so I put on a coat of INM Northern Lights Hologram top coat in silver. I think it made the manicure look prettier and it also took the attention away from its flaws. 

I was pretty happy with how this came out. I know that those of you that are experts with stamping will not agree. But for me it's a good start. 


  1. Thanks! I rarely do such girly colors, but I had to spruce it up a bit.


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