Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas stamping

Hello again! A few weeks ago I ordered some stuff from a store that was also selling these nail plates I've never seen before. After carefully looking at each one, I found one that had some winter and Christmas related designs on it. It is the M37 that can be found here, but I have purchased it from here. The plate works pretty well and the designs are cute, so I can't complain. Here's what I came up with using this plate. 

Again I must excuse myself because I'm fairly new with stamping and I'm still learning. I really like the combo of blue and silver and I wanted a silver stamping polish, so I picked up Rimmel I love lasting finish Your Majesty. It's a silver metallic color that has a pretty good pigmentation and works well for stamping. The base is OPI Yoga-Ta Get This Blue (previously reviewed here).

But let me tell you that after this experience, all I can say is: stamping is hard! It was much harder for me to get the design straight than it was when I did full nail designs. I had to redo several nails and by the time I had finished, I had silver shimmer all over my fingers. All in all, not a very fun experience. 

I also used my nail art brush to fill in some of the lines that were missing from the designs. The tree was the hardest to work with. The bells were much better. I'm still satisfied with how this turned out after all the fuss. I  also got some compliments for it, so I guess it's alright. I hope you enjoyed this manicure! Happy Holidays!

*Later edit: It seems that some of the designs on this plate are dupes for the Konad M12 plate, including the tree and the bells. That's good news because this plate is about 3$ (less than half of a Konad plate).


  1. Very pretty designs. It's so Christmas-y even though it's blue. I haven't tried stamping yet. You did a great job.

  2. Thank you, Marisa! You should try it to see if you like it. It takes practice and patience though.


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