Saturday, December 10, 2011

GOSH Purple Heart

Hello my beauties! It's Saturday and that means rest and fun! Today I have a very special polish for you. This really challenged my photographing abilities, but I did my best to capture it and show you that you really need this polish! 

GOSH is a company from Slovakia and its products are available in many European countries, but sadly not in Romania. I've also seen that these can be found in some parts of USA and Canada, so again I feel like we are the only ones missing out on the good stuff. 

GOSH Purple Heart, 2 coats, artificial light
This is a multichrome polish and it has so many color shifts that it's really hard to describe. In low light it looks charcoal with purple or green hints. When bright light hits it, it becomes vibrant purple and then shifts to green again depending on the angle. The shade of green I've mostly seen is forest green. 

I've taken several photos in artificial light (sorry no sun), with and without my light box. I didn't try flash because the flash from my camera is either bad, or I didn't learn how to use it yet. The picture above is the one that better shows the shift on the same nail. The following pictures show the different colors, one picture at a time. 


purple again

Purple Heart is pretty opaque and you may get away with one coat. However 2 coats give better depth. Another idea would be to layer it over black, but I haven't tried that yet. I had no issue with application, although this is a bit on the thick side. Drying time is medium. I used one coat of Out the Door to make it dry faster. 

charcoal, I know this looks matte but it's just because of the angle
This polish was a gift and I want to thank the special person who sent me this! I'm so sorry that it took me a while to wear it. This is really amazing! 

the green again
Also make sure you click these to make them bigger. I hope you enjoyed my photos. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. This is lovely on you Mihaela, the green really shows up against your skin. xx

  2. So you do see the green! My bf said that it doesn't look green at all.xx


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