Wednesday, December 7, 2011

OPI No Room For The Blues

Hello again my lovelies! I hope your week is going great! Mine is not that great unfortunately. After two week of hardcore exams, I now have an awful schedule and almost no time for myself. I'm kinda swamped. I'm so behind on blogs and youtube and I'm really sorry if I'm not commenting on your posts ladies. When I do have time I read blogs from my phone and Google Reader doesn't allow comments. But I did manage to paint my nails yesterday and I'm trying to post every day this week because I have a lot to show you. I was telling you yesterday about the great gift I've received and this polish was on my nails right after I got home. 

OPI No Room for the Blues, indoors, artificial light
This is the most beautiful sky blue creme. It's a little less bright than it shows up in these photos, but for some reason my camera makes light blues look almost neon. It's so awesome to have this on my nails on such a gloomy and cold day. Makes me instantly feel better. I think this polish came out back in 2009 in the summer collection, but I can see myself wearing it all winter long.

Application was a dream. This is really opaque for such a light color. I used two coats for this mani. The quality of the OPI polish makes for a perfect application. Now that I have longer nails I can really see the benefits of the ProWide brush. When I had really short nails I got polish everywhere, but now I almost didn't have to do any cleanup. 

I'm really in love with this polish and I want to thank Boarbb again for gifting it to me! For me it is just the perfect shade with the perfect formula. Just lovely!


  1. I just did a snowflake mani with this polish. I love it, too :) Very pretty!

  2. That is a gorgeous polish. I love the color. I hope things settle down for you so you aren't so swamped. It is a crazy time of year, try not to stress too much and take a little time for yourself when you can steal it :)

  3. @ Sarah I was actually thinking of doing the same thing tomorrow or so. It's a great color for that!

    @Julie I got an email with your comment but it vanished from the blog. I have no idea what happened to it. I will try to take it easier when I can. Can't wait for the holidays!

  4. Ok now it's back up. That was weird. I refreshed like 5 times.

  5. I JUST wore this yesterday! What a very pretty denim-blue. It's not too bright but just bright enough...yummy

  6. This is really beautiful on you:3 I am glad you like it!!

  7. @Exah This is truly a universal color that everybody should have in their collection.

    @Boarbb Thank you! I'm glad you sent it to me!<3


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