Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gone Gonzo for my birthday!

Hello everyone! I hope your weekend is going great. I'm finally having a bit of r&r before I start a new rotation on Monday. But of course my r&r consists of playing with nails most of the day. I've tried a bit of stamping and it didn't come out great, but I still like it. But first I have my birthday manicure for you! 

OPI Gone Gonzo! outside in the sun (yes I had sun on the 1st of December!)

I carefully planned what I would be wearing for my birthday almost a month ago. Of course I had to order the polish because I didn't have it. I chose this one because my favorite nail polish color is blue and because I wanted something really special, glittery and fun. I was so pleased with my choice! It really made my day! 

another one in the sun
I had to get out the window in my pajamas to take these shots. It was freezing but it was totally worth it. I apologize  for the crappy background, it was my neighbors house. I have a lot of photos of this one so brace yourselves! 

indoors, artificial light
OPI Gone Gonzo! comes from the Muppets winter collection of this year. It's a light blue small hex glitter with larger silver hex glitter pieces in a clear base. I wanted to use it alone for this mani because I didn't want anything to interfere with its beauty. So I used 3 coats to get it opaque and two thick coats of Out the Door top coat. 

super macro of this beauty
It dries pretty fast so the three coat application isn't such an issue. One tip would be to wait a bit between coats so that you don't move the glitter pieces around while applying the next coat. Another tip for the last coat in order to cover the bald patches is to use a stippling motion rather than a regular polishing motion and concentrate the glitter were it's more sparse. This is super shiny when it dries. It has a foil like finish. But unfortunately you need top coat over it if you don't like supper gritty nails. 

Finally, of course the removal is a pain in the behind. At this point of thickness (3 coats), not even the foil method works to pick up all of it. That's why I will probably layer it in the future. I've seen it over black too and it looks stunning. 

What do you think about this beauty?




  1. When I see swatches of mupper glitters, they look meh but you made it look sooo good! It looks fantastic on you :D

  2. oooh I got this one in a swap and can NOT wait to try it. Looks great on you! I love Gonzo and ended up with the green one as well despite deciding I didn't need the glitters. I will probably end up with the others by the time it is all said and done lol. Happy Birthday too! :)

  3. @Exah Thanks! It's probably because I actually wore this mani and enjoyed it. There are tons of bloggers who swatch whole collections and I imagine how frustrating it must be to remove so many glitters from your nails.

    @Julie I hope we'll see it soon on your blog! I love the green one too, but these are so expensive to get around here and I had to settle for only one. I actually saw them in Sephora and couldn't get my eyes off them. Just to give you an idea, they sell for about 16 $ over here.

  4. Oh and thank you for the birthday wishes! Forgot to say that :)


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