Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The most awesome birthday gift!

Hi guys! Today I have something really special to show you. My friend Janet or Boarbb, who also writes the blog Bottles of Dreams, has surprised me with a birthday gift! I was so glad to receive these in the mail today and could not believe how beautiful they are. Boarbb knows that I love blue nail polish so she sent me two of the most lovely blue OPI's. Here's what I got: 

OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue! and No Room for the Blues, the background is the beautiful  card she sent me
And a closer look: 

OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue!
OPI No Room for the Blues
I really want to thank you love for these amazing polishes! I'm so excited about these. I already have No Room for the Blues on and will post pictures tomorrow. I'm in love with this shade! 

And to all of my followers, make sure you check out Boarbb's blog because she's such a sweetheart and has amazing nails. And don't forget to follow her! 

Thank you Boarbb! I'm really glad I have met you trough this blogging experience! And thank you also for reading my blog and for being one of my top commenters!


  1. awww You finally received them^^It took longer than the Canada Post promised me!!>//< heheee:3
    you are welcome^^I love reading your blog:3!!and I am sooo happy you like them:) !!

  2. It probably was out post. They are really bad. It takes like 4 days for something to come from the capital. I really love them! Thank youuu!<3

  3. Great polishes and an amazing gesture :)

  4. This is lovely Miheala, glad you liked the polishes I sent you too. ;-) xx

  5. @hermetic Boarbb is such a sweetheart! She totally surprised me with this.

    @Esther Of course I did ;-) xx


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