Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Festive Christmas tutorials: stocking and tree

Hello loves! It's Wednesday and that means tomorrow is my last day of school. I can't wait for this holiday. It's been such a busy couple of months and I can't wait to literally do nothing for a week. Today I'm doing a tutorial for two more of my Christmas designs. You can see the candy cane tutorial here if you missed it. Let me remind you how all these look. 

The first one I'm showing you today is the stocking design. Let's see what we need for this. 

what you'll need for the stockings
For this one you will need a thin nail art brush (or a toothpick). The polishes are: China Glaze Holly-Day (green, previously reviewed here), Nailed by Sleek in Geisha's Seal (red), Moyra 3 (white), S-he Stylezone 500 (taupe), base and top coat. Of course you can use any color combination for this design. I chose green and red because it's a great holiday combo.

Step 1: Paint your whole nail green. Use a base coat because dark colors can stain your nails. Wait for it to dry a bit.

Step 2: Do the outline of the stocking with red polish using a thin brush (or a toothpick) and then fill it in with the same brush or the brush of the polish you are using. Don't forget that if you make any mistakes you can fix them with green polish and nobody will know they were there.

Step 3: Using the same thin brush and white do two lines on the upper part of the stocking.

Step 4: Again with the thin brush (or toothpick) draw some snowflakes on you stocking. You just have to do 3 small lines that intersect each other. Using taupe or any color of your choice, do the string you hang the stocking with. Finally, seal with top coat but be sure to wait for everything to dry. I was in a hurry and I smudged the design a bit.

The second design I want to talk about today is an abstract Christmas tree. I'm not taking credit for the image because I think everybody has seen this. There are many cards and wallpapers with this Christmas tree on them. Basically it's just made of some lines and little stars. Mine didn't come out that great because of the thick lines, but I'm sure you can do it better!

what you'll need for the tree
For this I've used my thin brush again, but you are welcome to use a toothpick. The base is an unnamed Body Collection polish that I got as a gift. The rest are Moyra 3 (white), China Glaze First Mate (blue) and Lemon Fizz (yellow), H&M Golden Treasure and base and top coat.

Step 1: Paint your whole nail a shimmery red. You can chose any other festive color as a background. Use a base coat underneath and wait for all this to dry.

Step 2: Using the thin brush and white polish, make a spiral kind of line in the form of a Christmas tree. Take your time and try to make it as thin as possible.

Step 3: Using your thin brush and the same white polish do some dots and stars between the lines. Then with yellow, do the star on top of the tree. The easiest way to do the stars is to do a dot and then smaller dots on the sides and then to connect them.

Step 4: Do some dark blue dots on the sides of the tree. With a gold polish, do a spiral line over the tree (kinda like a garland). Be sure to wait 10-15 minutes before putting on a top coat. That's it!

Tomorrow I will be posting my last tutorial featuring the lovely Rudolph. Hope you are enjoying these! Happy Holidays!


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