Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fun Sunday: winter outfits

Hello my beauties! It's time for another Fun Sunday post. This time I played a bit in Polyvore and came out with two outfits I would love to wear this winter. If you don't know what Polyvore is, let me tell you that it's a website that lets you create outfits using pieces from all over the internet. You can add accessories and makeup to complete your outfit, and other fun stuff too.

First off, fashion is not my thing so don't judge these too hard. These are just things that I like and I think look cute together. The first one is just a basic everyday winter outfit. It has cozy boots, a knit sweater and a coat similar to the one I just bought yesterday. The polish I chose is Essie School of Hard Rocks, just because I think it's the perfect dusty winter shade and goes with everything.

The second outfit is something I would wear to a Christmas or New Year party. I went with the little black dress, but I like this one because of the lace detailing. The shoes are the stars of this combo so I kept it simple with the jewelry. Again I'm going with the red (can you tell I like red for winter?) and I'm trowing in a pop of color with OPI Gettin' Miss Piggy With It and NYX Snow White lipstick (perfect shade of red that goes great with my skin tone).

I hope you liked my ideas. I can't wait to read your comments! Have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. Mihaela you are a lady after my own heart with these,I'd totally wear both sets of clothes, sensible but sexy & smart during day and that black dress & shoes combo is stunning. LOVE!!

  2. awww*w* OPI Miss piggy nail polish with little black dress is a great idea:p

  3. You know, considering you think fashion is not your thing, I think you did a great job with both of those! I don't see anything I'd change. Love 'em!

  4. @Esther I'm glad you liked them! I actually dress like the first one every day. I would love to find a dress similar to that one around here. And the shoes, well, one can only dream...

    @Boarbb I love red glitter for the holidays!

    @Jacky Thanks! Glad you like my little outfits!

  5. Mihaela hav you tried ASOS, not sure if ship worldwide or you could try ebay. xx

  6. They do ship worldwide for free, but I've only ordered polish from them. That's where I got my Barry M's and that's where I plan to get the Beetlejuice polishes soon. Maybe I'll look into the clothes section too.xx

  7. You should Mihaela, they have some really cheap stuff in the clearance section too which is always choc full of stuff!


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