Thursday, December 22, 2011

Flormar 393 glitter

Hello again, folks! It's kinda hard to bring myself to write two posts in a day, but truth is I have so much to show you before Christmas that I really don't know how I'm gonna manage. And I haven't even done my  official xmas mani yet. This post is about a glitter from Flormar that I have layered over my previous China Glaze Holly-Day manicure. 

The reason I got this is because, in the bottle, it reminded me of China Glaze Twinkle Lights. Now of course this one is silver and the ChG is gold. But the multicolored glitter really seemed very christmassy to me. I'm really sorry I didn't purchase Twinkle Lights along with my other Let it Snow polishes, but this didn't kill my lemming at all. 

here's how the bottle looks
Well, you can see from this shot that there are red, blue and green glitter pieces along with the silver ones in there. You can also see on the top part of the bottle that the clear base is a lot more than necessary and the glitter sinks to the lower part of the bottle. When applying this it's very hard to get the glitter on the brush. You have to scoop with the brush and then you get a lot of base also. Wiping the brush will wipe the glitter off. All my photos are one coat. You can see that on some nails, the glitter is more sparse than on the others.

So overall I'm not very impressed with the formula and application of this glitter. I was also disappointed that the green and blue glitter pieces don't show up on the nail. What you are left with is a silver glitter with some red mixed in. 

I might try to use this in two coats on a different base color some other time. I was hoping this would be more of a holiday polish, but it  doesn't really give me that vibe. All in all, I'm not sorry that I have purchased this. For its price (about 2$) it still makes for a pretty decent layering glitter. What do you think?

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